17 Problems all SysAdmins will understand

1. Go to work to fix computer problems. Go home… to fix more computer problems.

2. Text message trauma: It might be a server alert or a new ticket notification.

3. Not a janitor, but always cleaning up user generated IT messes.

4. Tired of explaining why Wi-Fi and the Internet are not the same thing.

5. You’ve learned to walk through the hallways quickly to avoid getting stopped by users

6. If you hear the phrases “Single pane of glass,” “Cloud,” or “Big Data” used incorrectly again, you will RAGE.

7. One word: malware

8. Two words: untangling cables

9. Three words: I can’t print

10. Four words: Help reset my password!

11. So… much… USER ERROR!

12. Tired of asking people to turn it off and on again (but it actually works).

13. The agony of listening to non-techies (who have no clue) talk about technology.

14. But you scare your non-geek friends away with tech jargon.

15. Despite constant reminders, hardly anyone submits a ticket.

16. That flood of phone calls, emails, or tickets when something needs to be FIXED NOW.

17. Relaxation? What’s that? Even on vacation… you’re still on call.

BONUS: Not enough people know about SysAdmin Day (last Friday in July).