The Cloud

What is the Cloud?

What does cloud mean? Despite being one of the biggest buzzwords in tech, many don’t know the real definition of cloud computing.

So you don’t have to endure quite as many people butchering the term in the future, we’re here to help cut through the haze and bring some clarity to the meaning of cloud. Share this infographic to teach others that cloud is not the Internet, it’s not simply virtualization, they can’t use it as a verb, it’s not an app, and it’s not just a mass of water vapor.

What is Cloud then?

Cloud is a model that describes access to a shared pool of computer resources that can be rapidly configured and utilized with minimal user effort or interactionaccording to NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (US Department of Commerce).

A good analogy is to think of cloud-computing resources (servers, storage, virtual machines, networks, hosted applications/services, etc.) being delivered to you like water from your utility company. Everything “just works” without concern about the the underlying computer infrastructure – you simply pay for what you use.

You get access to resources you need without having to worry about purchasing, setting up, configuring, and managing a bunch of computers. In short, the cloud model can make IT simpler.

Share with your friends… and here’s to hopefully fewer cringe-worthy uses of “cloud” in the future.

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